Why have a custom iron fence?

Custom iron fences offer homeowners many advantages. They are built to last, providing a durable and aesthetically-pleasing solution that requires minimal maintenance and repairs. An additional advantage is its capability to provide enhanced security and privacy. Custom iron fences are difficult to scale and harder to penetrate, making them difficult to break into. Cost-wise, they can be expensive compared to other fencing materials, but their long-term durability is worth the additional investment.

San Diego Iron Works provides top-notch custom iron fencing services in San Diego. Our highly-skilled technicians craft fences that are the perfect combination of form and function for your outdoor space. With years of experience and a passion for quality craftsmanship, you can count on us to deliver a product that is built to last. We provide a variety of options from ornate and decorative pieces to utilitarian security fences. Our commitment to excellence and reliable customer service makes us the go-to fabricator for all your iron fencing needs.

Benefits of your own custom iron gate!

Custom iron gates offer numerous advantages. They offer increased home security, privacy, enhanced curb appeal, and improved value to your property. Iron gates also provide an easy way to block unwanted trespassers, vehicles, and animals from entering your property. Additionally, they’re highly durable and require little to no maintenance. With custom designs, iron gates can also bring a touch of style to any home or business.

We specialize in custom iron gates for San Diego. Our experienced team of professionals has years of knowledge and experience in creating beautiful and functional pieces. We use the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity and safety of our products. We offer a variety of styles and designs to accommodate your personal taste and budget. All of our products are made with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. Contact us today and let us create the perfect iron gate for your home or business.

San Diego Iron Works For Romeo & Juliet Wine And Cafe

SD Ironworks

We are more than happy to announce the new project San Diego Iron Works created for our great customers of Romeo & Juliet Wine Cafe. The new iron fence for their exterior dining area was specially designed to recreate the classic atmosphere of Mediterranean style, an exclusive design that adds distinction and elegance. We hope you enjoy it!



Commercial AV Solutions

If you are looking for Audio/Video Equipment and Services for your business, we would like to recommend to you a great company here in San Diego. They are Commercial Satellite Audio & Video. They do some amazing work, and have done so for many important local businesses here in San Diego.

They do everything from Office & Boardroom setup, to Hospitality Solutions (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.), DirecTV for Business, Video Walls, and much more!

So if you are ever in need of Commercial AV products and services, make sure to check them out.


Home Safety Is Necessary But Doesn’t Have To Be Unsightly

SD Ironworks

Our beautiful city of San Diego unfortunately has had a rise when it comes to home invasions and robberies. Just a few days ago, two men pistol-whipped another man because he opened up his door and they forced their way in. If the man would have had a iron security door on his apartment, they would never have been able to get in, or at least it would have been a tedious task which would have given time for the police to arrive.

In another case, an assailant entered a home by simply breaking the glass on a sliding door, which also had no sort of protection, and beat a woman to death with a tire iron. These are both unfortunate cases that in some way could of perhaps been avoided. Unfortunately, crime is still on the rise and we have to do something to protect our home and loved ones.

Many homeowners often debate on whether they should place security bars on their windows and doors thinking that it will simply make their home look fortress like, but that is not the case. Wrought Iron security bars and doors have now become a necessity but can be made not only to protect your home, but to make it look beautiful as well.

There are a number of designs to choose from or unique designs can be made just for your home. San Diego Iron Works team of skilled craftsmen can create some aesthetically pleasing ornamental security bars made of wrought iron which will definitely make it almost impossible for a criminal to get in. We understand the importance of security which is why we take pride in creating not only elegant security ironwork, but most importantly, highly protective.

If you are also considering security for your office or commercial business. you can have created and installed custom security bars for your office or commercial business. We will send out one of our Iron Works specialist to measure your windows and doors and come up with an idea for ornamental wrought iron security just for you. Safety doesn’t have to be ugly, but it is a necessity when it comes to the protection of your home and business.

Custom Iron Stairways, Safe & Elegant

SD Ironworks

A custom iron staircase says a lot more than just elegance and safety, it says that you took the time to choose this Ornamental Iron Stairway as a symbol of what your home truly represents. Comfort, safety and a touch of class.

Many iron staircases feature custom iron work that both your special iron design team and yourself may have come together to create. Each stairway is designed with originality in mind and should combine with the structural design of your home. No home is the same as yours which allows you the benefit of creating something unique. Your wrought iron railings design can either incorporate gracefully into your staircase while others may choose a bolder look by integrating strong patterns and repeating design themes. Whatever you choice, you can count on San Diego Ironworks to create for you nothing less than a work of art.

So whether you decide on a space saving spiral iron staircase, or a perhaps you need something more ample like a straight wrought iron stairway with turns and a half landing, our hand crafted iron staircases will definitely be the center of attention once your guest step into your home. Nothing says grandeur like a Custom Iron Staircase by San Diego Ironworks.

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